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  1. Color bubbles
  2. r-144
  3. cadmium colors in contact with lead based glasses
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  5. Lists of Color Additives for Batch
  6. Lists of Color Additives for Cullet
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  8. Phosphates
  9. Color via Batch How To
  10. Opaque cullet
  11. Lino's Nero Tea
  12. coloring clear glass
  13. color melt question
  14. Calcedony Prep
  15. potash base glass
  16. spodumene
  17. Factors for calculating LEC English and Turner
  18. Cristalica, SPectrum, blah blah blah
  19. Gaffer G-48 "Durissimo" black
  20. adding gold to batch
  21. tinting pot of glass with powders
  22. Do Gaffer's duro colours contain Pb?
  23. fenton red bubbles
  24. Color questions
  25. Is anyone using a white flourine.
  26. Encapsulated Cd-Se stains
  27. Copper ruby
  28. Old Book on Paint Chemistry
  29. Instant Batch Room
  30. Erbium Pink, Brossphate Opal
  31. Brossphate opal 5%
  32. Using a gold coin for making gold sands?
  33. Color, Not Necessarily Glass Color but Applicable
  34. Brossphate v. Cristalica
  35. Deep Dive on Color Theory via Well Known Philosoph
  36. Reaction Question
  37. Marko Blanko Glass
  38. The future of glass color in the EU
  39. John Croucher's class at Penland
  40. Are chrome-containing glasses prone to devit?
  41. Melting porn
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  43. trident seal
  44. John Croucher's class at Penland
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  46. Weird melt results..
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  48. Blue Sulphur
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