View Full Version : Call for glass artists

Marty Kremer
02-17-2014, 10:19 PM

Small pond trying very hard to get bigger. Nice people involved.

David Patchen
02-18-2014, 01:08 AM
Looks cool. done.

Pete VanderLaan
02-18-2014, 07:10 AM
Northern New Mexico from Santa Fe up towards the Colo border has been a hotbed of glass activity for several decades now. Chihuly did fund his project there but it was not the spark that lit the fire. The number of warrm glass folks there is just astonishing and Santa Fe at it's peak had seventeen hot shops. Not that long back, Bullseye put the first of their satellite facilities in the Early Street district, another hotbed of art activity. Santa Fe County is really remarkable in that one in four people is directly employed in the arts in one way or another and that's employed as in Vacation, health insurance, decent pay, etc. Santa Fe is one of the largest art markets in the world even though it is primarily in Indian Art. Non Indian art is still a Niche market. We did well in that niche.

Santa Fe in itself through the County has an indigent fund through sales tax which pays people's medical bills if they can show real need. That program was in place years before I became the Fire Marshall for the County. Just a remarkable program in socialist medicine started over 40 years ago that let St Vincents Hospital and the Docs know that they would get paid for their services.

But Taos did a far better job of retaining it's natural beauty than Santa Fe did. It's a beautiful place to visit and to live. Going up the gorge or taking the High road over through Truchas on a moonlit night is amazing.

We really moved because Santa Fe was changing so fast and catering to the 1% in a highly destructive way, letting the paltry water resources go to Hell in a handbasket. I don't really recognize Santa Fe anymore when comparing it to when I was a boy.

But the organization sounds great.