View Full Version : Litton "HSA" or Model "M" Glass Lathe

Joe Pfeifer
03-19-2014, 08:46 PM
I have a listing on ebay right now for a Litton Model "M" glass working lathe. The listing is a little unique as I have an "HSA" available as an option, and I show both units in the auction. The reason I am doing this, is the "HSA" may sell sooner because it is more "portable" which certain shops like. The M is also larger and heavier to ship. Either are available for pick up locally in the Salt Lake City area. It's an either or listing, because I will keep the one that does not sell. I have room for either one, and would be happy which ever way it goes. I am just trying to get the quickest sale possible for a friend who had this as part of her father's estate. Item number 191107539248