View Full Version : Two big Dayton blowers for sale

Pete VanderLaan
05-17-2015, 01:30 PM
I got the model #'s from Grainger's on these the blowers today, both Dayton. 2C820 is a high pressure paddle type impellar which lists at $247.00 and the other is the 10" high pressure blower 4C108 which lists at $279.50 each.

I used both of these on two separate gas units in New Mexico back in my color rod days and they are strong enough to power a recuperated unit as well as multiple tooling with the ten inch one. They do need to be mounted on an isolating surface to supress noise which Graingers sells or you have to figure out some way to do it. I bolted them to a cinderblock wall. They both need cleaning up but work just fine. I would take $250 .00 for both with shipping at cost. I still have a third one which is in service currently in my NH shop.

Just big horsey blowers in good shape that move pressurized air.