View Full Version : new production cast iron blocks

Tom Fuhrman
05-21-2015, 09:48 AM
I have found a local foundry to work with and have placed a small limited order for 3 different sized cast iron blocks. These are the type that the old factories used and these are made from the original factory pieces. I made some about 10 years ago and sold them all. I have not had any for many years. I am offering preproduction pricing on this new production run. Guaranteed to never wear out in your lifetime. I and others also use these to hold frit and roll in them to pick up the frit.
med. block approx. 3" gather=$65pre, $75 later,
Small 2" round gather= $37.50 pre, $44 later,
Small 2" oval gather=$34 pre, $39 later
med. weight= 7lb.
small round = 4lb.
small oval = 3lb.
Shipping is additional to the cost.
Anyone interested, please email me and we can work out payment details. Items should ship in 4-6 weeks.
Hopefully all the photos on these have uploaded here.
email: Fuhrman at heartoftn.net