View Full Version : Studio Facilitator Needed

Andrew Boatman
09-15-2015, 11:07 AM
I am passing this along from the MutliArts Center in Stillwater Oklahoma.

The MultiArts Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma is looking for hot glass studio facilitator. The hot shop is fully equipped but has no current funding via the 501(3)(c). The MultiArts Center is looking for a glass artist who can operate the studio, teach classes, and work with the non-profit to secure funding. At this time there is no compensation package in place. It will be up to the artist to create their own financing. A benefit is one of the patrons of the Center has rental property and may be willing to provide housing for the right candidate.
This would be a unique opportunity for an artist looking to create a glassblowing program. The position will require a good deal of skills everything from studio technician, grant writing, teaching, marketing, scheduling, management, janitorial; basically the whole gambit of running a hot shop.
If you are interested in this opportunity contact the Executive Director Nicki Wood at the MultiArts Center (405)747-8084. The MultiArts Center website is http://multiartscenter.org/ and the email is director@multiartscenter.org