View Full Version : Engineered ceramics pak tite 90f

Joe Pfeifer
11-01-2015, 07:01 PM
I have an opportunity to buy some of this product:

several pails (a pallet of): ENGINEERED CERAMICS 60 LBS Pails PAK TITE 90F W/LINERS ECPT90F-60PWL

PAK-TITE 90F is a fine wet top cap material for capping the crucible and forming pouring spouts.

Any interest? Let me know soon, as I will need to bid on it Monday Nov 2.

Here is the MSDS:


Pete VanderLaan
11-02-2015, 01:54 PM
Since Joe Called to ask me what this is and I said I had no clue beyond the notation that it made spouts, I did look into it's characteristics. It is indeed a wet pack material , apparently fused silica from the MSDS. I would take note that most ( all) wet pack materials I have ever purchased have had a distinct shelf life. I suspect it's stuff you would not want to see frozen ever either but that's an educated guess.
Since it says it's used for capping the crucible, keep in mind that almost everything EC does involves pouring steel in ladles and the pots they mostly make are ladle liners that are disposed of every day after a work session. I interpret capping the crucible as being a process wherein the pot is kind of jammed in the ladle with this goop. Then, the spout is formed at the top of that. Fused silica is a one shot deal in glass. Works great once but never again.

Again, an educated guess.