View Full Version : glassybaby is hiring in Berkeley

Jordan Kube
11-02-2015, 05:23 PM
glassybaby is currently hiring experienced glassblowers in Berkeley, CA. 5+ years experience preferred. We need people who can make a nice overlay in one heat, blow mold, and trim fast and clean.

We want people who:

1. Are helpful, conscientious, flexible, aware of and able to work at the pace determined by the glass blowing teams.

2. Can produce high-quality products efficiently, on time, and safely.

3. Are punctual to work and attentive to the schedule.

4. Are self-directed and attentive to detail.

5. Can maintain a clean, safe, work environment.

6. Are able to take constructive criticism humbly.

This is a fast paced high production environment. We offer a flexible schedule and pay averages between $25-$40/hr depending on position and productivity.

You can contact David Levi through email dlevi@glassybaby.com to set up an interview.