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Keith Weiskamp
01-05-2016, 05:24 PM
I'm shutting down my glassblowing studio and I have a set of high quality, large equipment for sale. Some with slight usage. The list includes:

* Stadelman 300 lb. Electric Moly Furnace (now made and supported by Canned Heat)

* Small glory hole with automated, pneumatic doors

* Large glory hole with barn doors (barely used)

* Medium, front loading kiln/annealer

* Color pick-up box

* Gas pipe warmer/garage

* Two custom benches, one with copper tool table

* Misc.: Hardware for glory holes-tracks, heat shields, etc.

* Marver

Notes on Equipment:

The furnace is set up for single phase. It's in great shape. It's been in service for about 5 years and only used during 1/2 of the year each year, always professionally used. (It's likely only been fuly charged about 5 or 6 times.) It comes with the original crucible, extra moly element (in addition to the working set), and misc. hardware. I also have some extra SP cullet glass to include. This is a great, very efficient furnace. I hate to have to sell it!

The small glory hole features pneumatic doors so that it can easily be operated for working solo. The specs are:
Inside length: 25"
Inside diameter: 14"
Opening: 12"

The glory hole was custom made from highly compressed and vacuum packed fiber making it perform like a brick glory but it has some of the benefits of fiber (it heats up quickly but doesn't loose a lot of heat when the doors are open). The small glory is heated with a small pine ridge burner and an efficient blower

The large glory hole has two sets of barn doors: 7" and 13" opening. The specs for the big glory is:
Inside length: 30"
Inside diameter: 22"
Opening: 20"

The overall length of this glory with stand is 45"

The large glory can easily be converted to having pneumatic doors just like the small glory. I have most of the hardware to include for the conversion. You would just need to cast a set of doors.

The front loading annealear is custom made and designed for both annealing and casting. It's super insulated and built with extra depth brick (3") and backing board. The elements are encased in glass for safety. It's controlled by a Digitry GB1. It's in great shape.

The inside dimensions are: 32" (depth) x 36" (width) x 27" (height)
The oven exterior measures: 39" (depth) x 50" (width) x 38" (height)
The annealer sits on a stand with the overall height of 76".

The marver measures 48" x 30".

All of the equipment is located in Scottsdale Arizona. I'm asking $30,000 or best offer for the entire set of equipment listed here. Serious offers only. You can contact me at keithjwaz@aol.com. I have a number of photos of the equipment so just ask and I can provide more.

Mike McCain
01-06-2016, 02:21 AM
I'd be interested in the pick up box. If it can be shipped reasonably.