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Patrick Casanova
02-23-2016, 08:14 PM

Mark Rosenbaum
02-24-2016, 12:15 AM
Scott Novota started out in First City's first studio. He would be a good person to ask. I have blown glass there a few times and loved it. The people associated with the organization have always treated me right. They put on some ongoing programs that have grown over the 10 years or so that I have known them. ....and yes, their pumpkin patch is a huge fund-raiser ;)

Scott Novota
02-24-2016, 05:07 PM
What is the question?

Mark, I started at Belmont Arts Center which closed down and went belly up. First City Arts is the parts of that program that could be put back on their feet and build something new. It also inhaled parts of a different glass center that brought it's equipment with it. It has matured a lot over the years and is a very stable and viable glass center.

I used to teach there years back when I had time on my hands.....I no longer work there unless one of my glass buddies is in need of a hand. I have my own place now that has all my goodies. It is a wonderful spot for the right person to get into that program.

If anyone wants the skinny on what you can expect in that program I would highly suggest that you just give them a call. Meredith at FCA is about the nicest person in Pensacola. Tell her I said hi.