View Full Version : Multi fuel combustion system for sale.

Dennis Hetland
03-05-2016, 11:44 AM
Multi fuel combustion system for sale. Capable of burning propane, natural gas, methane, WVO, and WVO/hydrogen mix. Complete and ready for shipping. Consultation for use included with purchase.
- Heat treated 100% stainless steel burner, fabricated for marine environment.
- Veriflame
- UV sensor
- Gas and oil shutoff valves
- Watlow panel, with high limit
- Acuator motor
- 3 - 2" butterfly valves
- Limiting orifice valve
- Gas regulator
- Oil regulator, adapted for WVO
- Zero governor for propane/methane
- Ignition transformer and spark
- 2 Thermocouples
- High alumina burner block
- Treated wooden crate for international shipping
$10,350 plus shipping