View Full Version : Stainless steel bearings for sale

Eric Trulson
09-14-2016, 04:17 PM
Hey, anybody's yoke bearings starting to get sticky? I just ordered some new bearings for myself and another glassblower, and he ended up changing his mind about the type he wanted, so I now have four new, totally unused ball transfer bearings available for sale.

They're 1" bearings with a 1/4"-20 stud mount, stainless ball and stainless housing, part number SBT-1SS-1/4-20 (http://www.hudsonbearings.com/stud-mounted-ball-transfers.php#sbt-1). They cost $25-$30 from MSCDirect/mcmaster-carr/amazon, $20 from global industrial. I just want to get rid of the damned things, I'm selling them for $20 each plus shipping (I can also drop them off in person if you're in New England or NYC, no charge). Happy to sell just one pair or all four.

If you're interested, PM me or just reply to this thread and we can work out payment and shipping.