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Dennis Hetland
09-23-2016, 12:04 PM
I have a live/work studio in Salem Oregon. By that I mean a house with a shop. The second floor of the house is a separate unit/one bedroom apartment with a full bath and a kitchen.
The place needs a little development. I do have cold working equipment that has yet to be set up. I have also solved my storage problems with a 40 foot shipping container.
It's looking bright around here. Would like some help maintaining what's going on here. I also plan to travel soon. I do not want to abandon the great thing I have with this location.
Your experience level not as important as your honesty and reliability.
Rent is $700 plus utilities. Income from the studio should more than cover the power bill.
If you are interested in this opportunity please send a brief letter about yourself to dennishetland@gmail.com