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Christopher DeMott
12-12-2005, 09:58 PM
HUB Consolidated Glory Holes & Garage FOR SALE

I have available all excellent condition by the HUB Consolidated:

GH16 and GH18 Insulated Fire Brick Glory Holes.
The glory holes have two sets of split doors with 6" and 12" openings and Pine Ridge Ribbon Burners.

GH16=16" opening, 20" inner diameter x 28.5" deep.
GH18=18" opening, 22" inner diameter x 28.5" deep.

Standard Garage
Includes tools, tool stand and 15' feet of flexible hose so unit can be positioned anywhere in the shop. Interior dimensions are 36"L x 18"W x 13.5"H.

Glory Holes
GH16 Replacement Cost $6400.00

GH18 Replacement Cost $6700.00

Garage Replacement Cost $2470.00

I am now asking $7000 for all the aforementioned equipment. We are moving in the spring and I do not want to have to take the equipment with me. I am considering any reasonable offers and am very motivated to sell.

If you are looking for quality and extremely durable equipment the HUB is the way to go. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

The other small items listed on my web site have been sold and are no longer available.

All the equipment is in excellent condition and meticulously kept. Shown by appointment only. Buyer is responsible for either picking up or arranging to have equipment shipped.

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Jody Lee
04-26-2013, 08:36 AM
Is it UL approved?

Pete VanderLaan
04-26-2013, 09:41 AM
Is it UL approved?
I love it.

Jody Lee
04-26-2013, 09:47 AM
Hey, we just an an inspector come through. Need to get everything approved, no joke.

Pete VanderLaan
04-26-2013, 10:05 AM
I think Eddie at Wetdog is UL at this point. Stadelman was UL listed. I have my doubts about HUB or any of the people who build equipment these days. UL is basically a shakedown for about 10K per year from a group that does almost nothing. Pay your money, get your stickers.

Did you really have an inspector look at your tooling and ask for UL labels? Usually, just having UL listed components is sufficient and almost everything has that.

Jody Lee
04-26-2013, 10:38 AM
Yes indeed.

Pete VanderLaan
04-26-2013, 10:53 AM
I can see where the pipe warmer and garage were red tagged. I'm betting they aren't in a mechanical extraction hood which is what you need in a glassworks and the fans are going to have to be tied to the on off switches on the tooling. . Nuisance, I agree and I used to be a paid fire chief. What is the construction type on the building and what is the zoning?

I would still think the inspectors will settle for the burner systems being listed along with the exhaust hood.

Steve Stadelman
04-26-2013, 10:44 PM
My U.L. Inspector wanted to see the logbook of the equipment that had been stickered and account for the remaining stickers in any purchased lot. They never asked to see panels either in a finished state or under construction.

I did however hire an independent guy who represented a few other inspection ratings and he put my equipment through actual working trials. Quite a difference.

Pete is right about the shakedown aspect of it. Too many inspectors are just looking to CYA and have no idea what they might be looking at and are not willing to make any independent calls.

Pete VanderLaan
04-27-2013, 05:53 AM
Indeed. The code book says clearly : "Or acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction". That means common sense can prevail.

They never use it. I had one client in Georgia where the inspector decided that a moly should go in an explosion proof hood. He pulled that out of his ass.

They should have sued that SOB.

Eben Horton
04-29-2013, 05:34 PM
United laboratories is kind of like the mafia

Greg Vriethoff
05-02-2013, 12:33 AM

Eben Horton
05-02-2013, 02:21 AM
Whatever its called.. Underwriters laboratories?

Pete VanderLaan
05-02-2013, 05:50 AM

Jody Lee
05-02-2013, 08:54 AM
Pete, the facility is in a small historic brick space, in an arts center - a center that is housed in historic buildings, so any changes that need to be made need to go through the architectural review board. There is currently no hood system, but there are fans and makeup air exists through open doorways and an extractor fan (10,000 CFM). The art center was in the midst of applying for grants to install NG and up-to-code ventilation and this came up.

Pete VanderLaan
05-02-2013, 11:23 AM
You may be screwed then. When you get historical architectural demands coupled to the UBC, no one budges unless you can totally hide the alterations like a hood. Code says you have either individual exhausts or you have mechanical extraction- Hood with exhaust fans mechanically pulling air out of the building. It also needs a fresh air intake.

I tried that route back in the historic zone in Santa Fe back in 1971. I had to give up.

Jody Lee
05-02-2013, 04:39 PM
Ok, will pass that on to my superiors. Thanks for the input, everyone!

Pete VanderLaan
05-02-2013, 05:04 PM
Ditch the garage and the pipe warmer until they go away.

Jody Lee
05-03-2013, 06:51 AM
Yes, we did. Inspectors want to see the furnace, glory and annealer with UL stickers though. When I'm back from medical leave, I'll contact them.

Pete, thanks for having craftweb around - it's been a wealth of information for me!

Pete VanderLaan
05-03-2013, 10:36 AM
try to direct them to the components which should be UL listed. Sometimes I try to imagine a blacksmith with a UL listed forge and anvil.