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Patrick Casanova
01-03-2012, 09:17 AM
While driving to visit friends for New Years I stopped to visit one of my favorite salvage yards to see what treasures they had on hand. Their inventory is constantly turning over and they usually have something that is of interest... this time was no let down. They have a Bioro 33 meat saw for sale. It is a 3 phase motor but they said they would throw in a single phase motor of the appropriate size. They are asking $550 for the saw. I took a couple of quick pictures with my phone. If you are interested in the saw I'm sure they will provide images of anything you would need to see for a more serious inquiry.

My experience with this yard have been excellent over the last 20 years. Like any used machinery you need to ask questions and may have to do some repairs or modifications to have it work for your purposes. You can find info on Bioro Meat Saws on line and there are parts available.

The advantages to a Meat Saws over a wood working band saw are that the table is designed to slide into the blade, stainless steel and heavy aluminum to hold up to moisture. I'm sure there are several on the board who can add additional information about using diamond bandsaws.

Here is a link to their site: http://delaneyssurplus.com/