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Joe Deanda
04-30-2012, 10:49 PM
this is an email from my cousin in Ca, can anyone help him. You can email him directly or post it here for all of us to see and learn. Any help is appreciated. thanks Joe

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Hey Mike, I dont work with pyrex at all and you WILL need pyrex to deal with the heat in the oil. Actually I do think this is a doable concept and ill try to find someone that can possibly do it. These specialty guys dont work cheap and pyrex is a different animal to work with. I think it fall into the line of "scientific glass" catagory. I'll post your email so these guys can get with you directly. I wish you luck and safe riding. I ride and still not dead !! Joe

From: Mike Cannon <mikes4re@gmail.com>
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Subject: Glass oil tank?

Hey there cousin,

So I'm in the process of building yet another bike. This one is a Harley cafe racer. Most of the fabrication work is either done or in progress but the guy I paid to build the oil tank ( which would have had a site glass in it) has flaked out and stolen the money I paid him up front. I've been looking for another fabricator and thinking of just fabing one myself but then thought, hey what about a completely glass oil tank, maybe a round one, would a something special. You could not only see your oil level but also how dirty the oil might be. Do you think it's possible? Maybe a 6" round Pyrex ball with three line fittings?? Nope, Im not drunk ;-). Guess I'd also have to figure out how to mount it even if making such a thing were possible. Heat, vibration, line fittings, mounting and all need to be considered. What do you think?


Dave Bross
05-01-2012, 05:37 AM
As an old hand and ex-mechanic on motorcycles I wouldn't do that.

Glass wouldn't be up to what it would be exposed to and if the oil tank shattered or cracked at speed things would get ugly fast. I wouldn't even use a glass sight tube.

Slip slidin' away....

Pete VanderLaan
05-01-2012, 07:40 AM
I would never write the insurance policy on that one. Dave's right. You would spend a lot of time pushing that bike on the occasions it wasn't in flames.

Thomas Chapman
05-01-2012, 08:03 AM
The guys on "American Chopper" (Orange County Choppers-- on History or Discovery channel) did it. Call Paul.

Dave Bross
05-01-2012, 11:06 AM
Choppers don't turn in a whole lot of road hours. It's a repetitive fatigue thing. For a hangar queen that was just for show or something to ride downtown on Saturday night, OK. If you're actually going to put in some time on it, no.