View Full Version : Glass color

Jordan Kube
12-13-2012, 06:58 PM
Mix of fritted and solid color. Typically a mix of the two close up pictures shown. Quite a lot of nice colors. I make some good work with it but I've got waaay more than I'll ever use. Most of the large chunks are clean but some are dirty, have other colors or clear in them. Some occasional bigger unannealed rods.

$5 a pound.

Flat rate shipping varies from $5.35 to $15.45 and I can get about 35 pounds in a large box so shipping will be some multiple of those.

I live in the Northwest so it's all wet, sorry, but that just means it's clean.

Send me an email to my name @ yahoo.com telling me how many pounds you would like and I'll send a paypal invoice.