View Full Version : your old hand tools

Adam Frus
03-26-2013, 11:14 AM
I am building a mobile studio and my first gig is scheduled for several days at an elementary school in May. I am creating some hands-on displays for the students to interact with when they are not watching my team. One of the displays will require a set of hand tools (jacks, tweezers, straight shears, diamond shears and maybe a crimp or optic mold) that have been decommissioned from the glass shop. As long as they mechanically function, wear on blades is not an issue. The students will be using them on playdough.

My budget is too limited to purchase new tools for this display. If you have some old ones around the shop that you would be willing to part with, take a picture and send me an email with the pricing. I am willing to make simple repairs (weld/hammer).

Adam Frus 480-516-6691 or frusglass@gmail.com