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Joe Deanda
04-20-2013, 10:36 PM
I currently have a full time opening for a glass blower / demo person at Dollywood in East Tenn. Were less than an hour from Knoxville. The job is mostly doing demos in front of Dollywood guests. We do have to wear a microphone and describe what we are doing as we do it. The job also reqires all other aspects of working in a glass shop including furnace management and inventory control and shop maintenence and clean up. Were basicly a 2 person shop so things sometimes get hectic. Honestly I run the hot shop but have little control of what happens there except to make sure that demos go on during our operation schedule which varies due to the nature of our business. We do have a set product line that ill be glad to teach and are welcome to your own ideas as approved by our managent team. 40 hours a week. IM sorry to say that our insurance forbids any free blow time as you must be clocked in to work in the hot shop. Pay depends on experence. I f interested go to Dollywood.com and click on contact us at the bottom and tell em whatcha got . I wish I could be more help but thats about all I can say. If you have questions contact me through this venue. thanks Joe