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Kenny Pieper
05-15-2013, 12:23 PM
Here is a great opportunity for someone ready to take the next step in developing a glass blowing business.
Comes with free gas!

The EnergyXchange Craft Incubator program was established to support six talented artists in starting, managing, and operating their own small businesses in the crafts of glass blowing and pottery. The residents have years of experience already devoted to their respective craft. The goal of the program is to help artists at the beginning of their careers further develop both their craft and business skills, leaving EnergyXchange with the ‘know how’ and experience necessary for success on their own or in other craft studios.

Media-specific juries select four potters and two glassblowers to work in shared studios, on the EnergyXchange campus, at a nominal cost. The jury members are established local artists who mentor the artists during their residency. Participants in the program may stay as long as three years; during that time, they receive training in business practices from HandMade in America and Mayland Community College. Residents use this experience to develop a business plan, product line, and markets, and are ready to establish a studio of their own when they leave EnergyXchange.

These studios are the first in the world to be fueled by landfill methane gas and serve as a model for other projects across the country and around the globe. The furnaces in the glass studio burn all year while the pottery kiln is fired every one to four weeks. Methane gas is also used to heat water for an in-floor radiant heat system to warm the studios. The landfill gas is provided at no additional cost to the resident artists, with a projected total savings over the life of the project, estimated at greater than one million dollars.
This past year, a wood kiln facility was added to the clay studios. It utilizes discarded palettes from the Transfer Station, which would otherwise have to be trucked to another facility for processing and disposal.