View Full Version : Frit and powder for sale

Ed Pennebaker
05-21-2013, 10:58 AM
Michael Christman in Ft. Smith, AR has a bunch of frit and powders he would like to sell. Kugler, Zimmerman, Reichenbach? some Gaffer. The list is on a spread sheet that I can send to anyone interested. PM or email me ed at redfernglass.com. Of course he will make the best deal to someone who is willing to buy it all, listed at retail prices he has it priced at over $4500. The largest amounts are G-012 Brilliant Gold frit size 2, 16.25Kg and R-142 Cherry Red, 3.75Kg also size 2. Most of the rest is less than 2 Kg, a lot of colors 1Kg or less. I don't use much frit. I am just relaying information and don't get anything out of it.