View Full Version : Millions of pounds of Schott 15MM & 22MM tubing

Joe Pfeifer
07-17-2013, 11:44 PM
I have actually listed this on a couple of lampworking forums. Had a lot of interest. We had them ship 10 pallets today! I did not want to leave anyone out, so felt I should mention it here:

I know someone in Utah who has about 3000 pallets 91 coe (over 3 million pounds) of Schott AR-Glas tubing. A mix of:
22mm dia 1.5mm wall, 1040mm long,
and 15mm dia 1.2mm wall 1150mm long.
$550 per 1000 lbs pallet of either size, plus shipping at extremely favorable rates.

They are about to crush and melt it all for recycling. Would anyone like to rescue (buy some)? Or, help me sell it!

I also know of an defunct industrial engineered ceramics company, also in Utah, that has some amazing equipment they are liquidating, mixers, roll mills, presses, compressors, scientific equipment, chemicals, (yes, some oxides) MolyD element sintering furnaces (kilns), etc. (large qty of new, and used 22 & 24 inch u-shaped MolyD elements) If anyone wants to see some photos email me.