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Sky Campbell
09-19-2013, 01:07 PM
- We are looking for an assistant for furnace work, cold working and maintenance here at Somewhere Glassworks in Gainesville, FL.

Gainesville is a beautiful, liberal, college town surrounded by granddaddy oaks and freshwater springs. It's a great place to call home. Experience in glass and references are a must. If you are a quick on your feet flame worker without experience in furnace work, we can offer you free on the job training.

Our shop sits on an 11acre artist retreat that includes all facets of glass working. We have multiple buildings on the property devoted to lampworking, scientific glass, fusing, cold working, furnace work, and metal arts and fabrication. For years we have taught classes on lamp working, fusing, slumping, sculpture, furnace work and more. Currently we have stopped offering classes and have been focused on our own body of art work.

We are looking for a glass worker to help with furnace glassblowing shifts (both production work and large one of a kind pieces), assist with cold working, and help with shop maintenance. There is also piecework available in the flame working studio. In exchange for your help, you would earn either money per shift, or shop time in any of the above listed shops. This is not a full time paid position- you would need to supplement your income with your own glasswork or a part time job.

Residency on site is a possibility if you would like to trade maintenance of the property for rent/ utilities. We have a treehouse reserved for resident artists, a school bus converted into a home, and a new artists cottage that is currently under construction. These are all small, humble dwellings full of character. This could be temporary housing or possibly permanent residence for the right individual.

If you are a motivated, family friendly, glassworker this position could be perfect for you!!

For more information, please email Sky Campbell or Sarah Hinds at somewhereglass@bellsouth.net

Sky Campbell
01-23-2014, 11:30 AM
Throwing this into the wind again. The one college student we had been working with is moving home. If you know any young spirited family friendly glass blowers please pass it on. They don't have to be skilled just ready to learn.