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Chris Lowry 12-17-2016 07:52 PM

So does anyone have experience with R-144 Iris dark blue?

I've been looking for a nice dark blue and tried this the other day. On the lip where the color is thinner it looks like a dark cobalt but on the bottom where color is thicker it looks like dark copper red. With really strong light on the piece it sort of looks like what I thought it should look like but very dark, almost black.

Did they send me the wrong color or is this what it's suppose to look like.

Mark Armstrong 12-18-2016 08:26 AM

Chris, as I recall that colour was originally marketed to produce both colours, but I found it to be unpredictable in consistently producing the dark red. I have not used it in years, but always liked the blue colour

Brian Graham 12-18-2016 04:18 PM

This particular blue is great for reduction work and takes a fume like no other.

Pete VanderLaan 12-18-2016 04:46 PM

I'll copy this to the new board as well. Primarily, I believe it to be actually a copper red glass that has been dosed with cobalt. The copper red is profoundly dominant in a glass like this particularly in transmission light but in reflective light, the cobalt takes over. I've been making these type glasses for the last month or so. I used to put these glasses together in some cut forms. I think I made eight or nine. An amazing purple.

As is so often the case, this kind of glass is far better not cased. I tend to work it with an inner casing of an ordinary silver opal and then in that same opal with an addition of copper and cobalt. It usually needs to be adjusted for linear expansion.

There is literature that suggests cobalt makes a red by itself and in really deep transmissive light, I think that's true but good luck taking it to the bank. You;ll make a lot of blue. Antimony is given the same claim to fame by Volf but that one as are most are going to be available only if you make your own glass.

I continue to think if you really want a red, either make a cad sel or use a color rod and pick up a different color outside it. It would be best gathered from a pot, not a rod.

Richard Huntrods 12-18-2016 06:34 PM

I've use R144 (silver night blue) in bar only and it's always given me a deep blue. I show it as a transparent color.

I used a similar named color R192 (iris night blue) in frit form. It's listed as an opaque color and it is. Alone it give a deep opaque blue, but in combination with R61 (dense white) it varied from deep blue to brown on the same piece. It seems to be a reduction reaction as far as I can tell.

I'm interested because I can't get R192 from my supplier right now at all, but can get R144 in heavy powder and frit, so I've ordered the R144 in HP.

I never could exactly replicate the colors shown on the web sites, so this year I blew a series of my own color samples "the way I blow stuff" and then took photos so now I have my own reference as to what various colors should look like in the ways I use them (i.e. plain, with optic, combined with R61, etc.).

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