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Eric Perdue 09-29-2019 01:07 PM

Denver Glass Engraver - EG-1
Hello again!

You all were so helpful with my last question... I've been stumped again this weekend and am looking for some help :0)

I bought a very used Denver Glass Engraver, the EG-1. One of the arbors is stuck. It's a little "off" and I want to replace it. It came with a brand new arbor.. The old one is frozen on there. It's the old wedge style.

Also the bit or chuck is stuck on. Does anyone have a tip for breaking this thing free? I've never had one of these lathes before and don't know how much "muscle" can be applied here. So far I've just tried hitting the wedge with a rubber mallet.

Edit: I'm looking for help on removing both the main arbor and the wheel. It looks like this wheel has been on for years...

Pete VanderLaan 09-29-2019 03:37 PM

not being intimate with the tool, are you sure you don't have a reverse thread?
If it's not threaded use a gear puller. You could always call Denver and ask.

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