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Pete VanderLaan 06-08-2019 06:15 PM

So, this thing has evolved from the 2013 class
When Mark came and did the team teaching back six years, I was brought this curious little crucible by Joe Pfeiffer which did odd stuff. If one melted in it and cooled it, glass did not stick, or so claimed the purveyor. Further, if you threw the mess in ice water, it did not crack, nothing-.

The person with the stuff was not finding market anywhere and it was brought to me. I really had a lot to do and so it went on the shelf forever but remained there. Years passed and I lost the paper work for it until a few weeks ago when MB surfaced with it and dropped it on my laptop and I was stunned. I assumed it was gone forever but it was not.

So, armed with the document, and I still had the little crucible with the glass tha falls out of it on demand, I started looking hard for source. The domain name was gone, expired , not reregistered. The product is a combo of crazy claims and some science yet I had the pot and the sample.

So, I called Mark and he asked me to take the crucible and put cullet in it and run it up to 2000F which I did. Then we shut down and about seven hours later, I took the pot out of the gloryhole at around 500F and checked it out. The stuff was cracked in half in the pot which I attributed to poor annealing yet when I tapped it upside down. the glass indeed fell out in two pieces. It wasn't completely clean but it was really hot and I attribute that to expansion.

So Monday, the pot goes off to Corning for analysis. It's not a crucible formulation based on the Na/Zr/po but it sure could be a mold release. It has occurred to me that the chemical formulation I have , ( a NA/zir/ po/ might be a wash as to a release but at this point, who knows. Mark has the contact to get an analysis through his grant.

I love this crap.

Is that not totally cool? For me, it beats the snot out of pumpkins.

Josh Bernbaum 06-08-2019 07:37 PM

That is cool. I suppose you'd know if it were platinum or not, but that reminded me that I think I remember hearing that was one of the characteristics of a platinum crucible?

Eben Horton 06-08-2019 09:24 PM

Fascinating. Good luck unlocking its secrets

Pete VanderLaan 06-09-2019 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Josh Bernbaum (Post 144242)
That is cool. I suppose you'd know if it were platinum or not, but that reminded me that I think I remember hearing that was one of the characteristics of a platinum crucible?

Well, no, it's not. I kind of doubt that someone would have given me a platinum crucible. A 24K gold one maybe, but platinum, no, that's pricey stuff.

But it will be most interesting to see what it in fact is.

Eben Horton 06-09-2019 07:46 PM

Gonna stick my nose out there and say that the pot has a lot of this in it.

Pete VanderLaan 06-10-2019 08:07 AM

Boron nitride is used in most mold releases currently. The pot is ceramic in nature. Mark seems to think this may not work out as well as we had hoped. The time lapse may be really long.

Barb Sanderson 06-10-2019 09:48 PM

So are you now going to test the "heat it up and dunk in water" to see if it won't crack?

Pete VanderLaan 06-11-2019 07:38 AM

not immediately since it would prevent other tests from occurring if it fails.

I would like to see a chemical analysis of both the crucible as well as the interface between the crucible and any glass placed in it since there is a residue. Also testing for just basic failure running the pot up in themperature to see if sintering affects it.

It didn't crack when taken from the gloryhole and put on the marver. It was hot. I think our interest in it is as a form for casting. Corning's might well be something else.

How's the judgement doing.

George Vidas 06-11-2019 10:44 PM

You can look up who the domain was formerly registered to, even going back as far as 2013. The jargon will be something like "whois archive" or "historical DNS data." Historical whois info should be available for free or very cheap, and may contain phone numbers and email addresses.

IMO an ethical step to take when / before reverse engineering a thing is to dig further than simply noting that the website is no longer online. If you post the documents or at least the domain I'm sure a couple people will take a stab at finding what came of the product. Sounds like a really cool crucible tho.

Pete VanderLaan 06-12-2019 07:43 AM

Initially, I did have better contact info but the contact material vaporized with time. The domain was not renewed back in 2013 and the contact material leads to a dead end. We have an off shot of the material leading to New York for very specific applications which when inquiring led to nothing.
Neither Mark or I have great hope of this really getting us what we would like through Corning, which turns out to not do its own materials analysis. I had been told by someone that Vesuvius made their crucibles and that led no where as well. .

So, I'm actually making an effort with the intellectual property, just with no results. It would never work as a crucible, that's clear to me but the potential of utilizing the material as a mold release does have potential.

Barb Sanderson 06-16-2019 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan (Post 144266)

How's the judgement doing.

I won and got full judgment. Final paperwork just finished Friday. Now I have a MS law firm going after the money.


Pete VanderLaan 06-16-2019 06:59 PM

OK. and ..... ?

Barb Sanderson 06-18-2019 08:17 AM

I'm encouraged that my lawyers after reviewing the case are taking it on consignment so there are no fees to me unless they collect the judgment. There is evidence that daddy has taken measures to hide income and assets which will mean a fraud charge. And while they will take 30% of the collection at this point the interest fees accrued are at least 30% of owed amount by now.

Pete VanderLaan 06-18-2019 08:20 AM

It sounds good Barb. fee based on performance is a great motivator.

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