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Aron Leaman 04-29-2020 12:21 PM

Bomma and Sp wer compatibility
Has anyone used cane and murrine made with bomma with SP87 wer? Any info would be great. I have used SP and crystalica with out any problems but never bomma. I am always curious other peoples experience.

Eben Horton 04-29-2020 06:17 PM

You should be fine !

Josh Bernbaum 04-29-2020 06:56 PM

To be safe, do a test by incorporating some of the two (Bomma murrini and SP) in the same small piece. Then try to saw through it with a wet saw after annealing. See what happens. If it saws cleanly, then great, but if not, then no bueno. What color(s) are in the cane could be an additional variable.

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