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Tim Bassett 07-06-2018 02:13 PM

Elements not working
We have just rebuilt our 300# Stadelman furnace and have one bank (2) elements not working.
I have replaced those not working elements with two spares (Brand new) and replaced the element straps and everything seems right but they do not heat up. The welding leads on each side of the element bank that is out show around 290 amps. The welding leads to the working banks is at 220 amps.

Any suggestions on what my problem might be.
All help appreciated

Pete VanderLaan 07-06-2018 03:02 PM

Detach both sets of straps and run a continuity test on each element. They have to be detached.

Tim Bassett 07-06-2018 08:27 PM

When the bank was not working I replaced the elements with two new ones and checked continuity just before joining the straps together. Pretty sure I have some other problem that is yet to be determined.

George Tessman 07-06-2018 09:12 PM

On trouble shooting. Start at the elements and work backwards.
Do you have voltage...Even if you have voltage you may not have the amps needed
If you have checked continuity and it is correct. connect wires that are feeding elements that are working and see if elements heat up.
If they heat up. you have a problem in the wires and connections on the bank that is not heating up. Work your way back and make sure all connections are tight. You should do this before the previous step.

Pete VanderLaan 07-07-2018 07:34 AM

I have seen elements break on installation. The trick here is to not assume anything.

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