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Cecil McKenzie 07-25-2020 10:26 PM

Love controller ... Fail test reading
I seem to have misplaced the sheets from Denver Glass on how to recover from a fail test reading on a Love controller. The manual for the controller is on line but Denver had a nice sheet that told how to get out of Fail
test and how to set the different menus. If you happen to have a copy of this and could email it to me that would really help me. My email is thank you in advance. this controller is on my little furnace and I think has a little different configuration in the programming from the annealler.

Cecil McKenzie 07-27-2020 02:23 PM

Holly from Denver Glass sent me the instructions to get out of Fail/ Test sticking point on the Love Controller. If anyone ever needs them I can send them . Thanks for reading my post.

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