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Dave Lindsay 10-14-2020 05:10 PM

Lindsay Art Glass
My furnace is now FREE to anyone willing to rent a fork lift. Pete, you asked how it was going selling equipment. I have three weeks to vacate my space. Still have furnace, two glory holes, and two annealers. Desperaetly trying to keep them out of dumpster. I sold all my coldworking equipment, benches, marvers, color etc. Also still have gallery fixtures. Certainly a bad time for selling equipment. Somebody out there must need a free furnace?

Pete VanderLaan 10-14-2020 05:53 PM

It's worse than vultures David. They probably want you to pay to load it. We're in a bizarre moment is our nation's history. No one has a real clue where it will land. I see a depression based on Data. Some have yet to tire of being told how they're winning.

Just don't hug anyone you don't know. I'm going to cut a furnace down soon for the metal. I want it out of the building so I can park a tractor.

Anyone want to buy a brand new unused recuperator from Correll?

Dave Lindsay 10-14-2020 06:21 PM

Are you going to pay the shipping? Just kidding! the good news is sales of my glass and our purchased inventory has been great. That' due to a loyal customer base knowing no more glass in Benicia. I told Ann we should have been having one of these retirement sales every year.

Pete VanderLaan 10-15-2020 10:36 AM

you can only do that if you sell Persian rugs.

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