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Monte Becker 02-15-2020 05:34 PM

Merker Motor - German -> US electric supply
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Hey all:

My wife just imported a Merker glass lathe - cool beans! The only (or at least first) problem is that the motor is setup for 50 Hertz/240 volts, where as what I have conveniently is 60 Hertz/120.

Choices are: Rig up a new motor or get the old motor to work. I'm keen on plan B (get the old motor to work.)

1) I've been given to understand the Hertz differential isn't a big issue - just the motor will run faster. Does that sound right?

2) Is there an easy way to convert from 120 to 240?

There are many converter kits out there, but many (say, the one I got from Target) doesn't transform the voltage, just changes the plug configuration... (Measured to check.)

I wanted to get some pics of the label on the motor - alas it was not easy to see as installed. I think I got the important parts - see attached.

Thanks for any clues in advance,


Shawn Everette 02-15-2020 11:18 PM

You'd have to find a step up transformer, or tap into 240 that you already have. If you go the transformer route, you'd have to make sure you can pull enough amps from the outlet. Generically if you're pulling off a 15a/120v outlet, you're only going to want to pair it to a 6a/240v motor, 80% rule. You'll need the wattage of the transformer to match too.

Art Freas 02-21-2020 11:45 AM

Go to a woodworking forum and look up voltage and table saws. Those folks do that all the time.

Sky Campbell 02-28-2020 03:08 PM

VFD variable frequency drive will allow you to go from 50 hertz to 60 hertz it will also do a myriad of other things to give you better control of speed, reverse function and jog functions which allows the motor always stop at the same place.
I use them on most of my 3 phase machines but also use them to control single phase motors on my lathes. Dialing in exact rpms with a turn of a knob is really a great function. I donít think Iíve paid much more then $100 for any of the VFDís I own. You can call one of the American vfd companies for tec support and help finding the perfect match.

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