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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
I understand the error, sort of. The difference between .2 and 2% is large and not noticing the error is worrisome in itself, particularly if one is asking a question about devit,
I'm trying to be less defensive in my life and relationship lately, but I have to speak up with a reminder that I'd just guessed when I originally wrote down having 1-2% of this colorant in my last green mix, which was over a year ago. After looking at my notes, in which I do try to write down as much info as I can about each melt, I then saw that it was only 0.2% in that older melt. I mostly buy and use color bars and don't have my color furnace up and going most of the year, so I admit my recollection of the percentages isn't as good as it could be. Sorry, but just felt the need to mention again.
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