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In my oil fired 350 kg pot furnace I got talked into using the lite 30 by a salesman- in spite of having had a crown like that fail on me before- After 2 years it failed and I replaced it with Greencast 94- after 15 years when that furnace was retired the crown looked like it was new.
Dennis , in my case the choice of combustion furnace was due to the power company- I needed 100 amp 400 volt 3 phase main fuses. My studio was a couple of miles from the transformer they would have to upgrade from. out in the country.The cost proposal almost 30 years ago was 30,000 just to do it + change a local transformer 7000, then the labor and cost of 300 meters cable to my studio- that money would have bought a small farm at the time.
Also, dense cast crowns are usually insulated on the outside :-)
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