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Using a gold coin for making gold sands?

I'm going to see what I can achieve on a couple melts involving gold soon. Would like to hit a nice gold ruby and purple based off a couple of Pete's formulas from the last class. I have all the ingredients and ventilation, perhaps including the gold if you count some "Double Eagle" US coins I inherited a couple years ago. I see on wikipedia that they were minted with a 90% gold and 10% copper alloy. I'm not sure how much value these have on top of the intrinsic material weight, they aren't in perfect condition but I'd check on that before proceeding after asking the question I have: If I do use a coin, or part of one, would I have to make gold "shavings" first or would a big chunk suffice for making an aqua regia? And would the 10% copper content of the coin cause any issues if I'm not planning on doing a cadmium color? Thanks in advance!
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