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Rob is one of the two I referred to. He was melting an opaque yellow for the Banana pieces and had a fan blowing warm air from under the hood to heat the studio. He did have extensive Chelation Therapy for it. The other was Hugh Jenkins when he was a grad assistant at RIT way back in the seventies as well. His professor had him melting a lead arsenate white every night in an unvented studio. That got the program shut down.

Those are to only two documented cases of that type of poisoning I know of. Paul Marioni did get extremely sick from eating a sandwich he got from a dumpster back in the mid seventies as well. I believe that was antimony poisoning and there's something to be said for not eating out of the school garbage can.
My real point there is that ventilation, gloves and a respirator are key to making your own glass. Casual use of a powder booth is another potential source but the facts don't aim at lung cancer from fiber nor kidney or liver failure from fumes. It's lifestyle that kills you.
Fritz has been melting batch glasses all his life. So has Mark Peiser and many of the renaissance glass instructors from the '60-90 period did as well. John Triggs died of a heart attack, Peet Robison, a blood clot. Henry Summa did die of Kidney cancer but he was never what I would call healthy during his life having had Hepatitis early on. All these guys melted raw glasses a lot. Dreisbach and Peiser are about 80 years old now. They're fine. Penland people have done raw glass forever. Levin was the only one to ever get ill.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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