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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
I'm not sure of that Kenny. The color base was notable back when Tom and I talked about doing it that it would not have either the antimony or the nitrates. Probably tom used Sodium Nitrate if you are indeed correct but it would have been about 120 grams in a fifty lb bag, no more. It is the case that most colorants result in your needing to add soda (or whatever alkaline flux you choose) to some degree. It varies every time.
Yep it is the soda nitrate that I refer to.
It is the subtraction of 1.7lb. sodium nitrate from 98lb. of batch.
The antimony is inconsequential except for the fact that its absence can make some of the colors harder to fine out.

After looking at some of the formulas more closely I can see that many of them have the addition of soda ash to correct for the subtraction of the soda nitrate

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