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Depends on the application.

For a fused piece, temperatures much past 1400 will start to see a degradation fairly quickly. I'm primarily using the cheap scrap, so the heavier cbs may fair better. It will retain something no matter what, but the difference between peaks and valleys on variegated glass is significant. A lot of jewelry people will only fire to 1350. Nearly all of the surface variation is retained under a sheet of clear, and there's almost no loss of sparkle.

I'll do hot plate pick ups where a pattern was originally fired to 1450, whatever is left from that is good up to gather temp. The film does seem to add a significant level of stiffness. I'd say not as much as silver foil, but it's noticeable.

On boro I just dive right in from room temp. The key there is trying to get it covered as quickly as you can. The temperature of the glass is less of a consideration than hitting the film directly with the flame. There's a fairly significant sparkle loss early on, but I'm really only using minimal quantities for marbles. I have no idea what make I've got, been working off a damn near full sheet that someone gave me because they couldn't figure out how to use it. Once that's gone I may investigate further.
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