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Replacing 4/0 welding cable on Moly?

It's been 10 years of running current from the transformer to the elements on my Moly through the 4/0 welding cables that came with one of Steve's old furnaces I'm still running. I've done the maintenance over the years, albeit less than regularly, making sure connections are all tight and cutting back the cable-ends to expose bare copper many many times (thankfully there was a lot of excess slack). But I noticed when starting to change my pot, now that I'm shut off, that I've never seen a cable end as badly overheated as the one in the attached photo. The bolt to the lug for that one did appear to be loose, so perhaps that was the culprit, but regardless the ends of these cables just keep getting hard and crusty over time.

I think I read here once that 350 mcm was recommended over the 4/0 welding cable. I had trouble finding that post if I'm remembering that info right, and so just wanted to make sure I'm not harming anything by going up a cable size (before I drop a lot of $ on this copper). I think I'll have to get larger lugs too.

Thanks in advance.
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