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You do want 350 MCM or you want a hydraulically connected end as well. If you go with the Burundy clamp, I might have a few. I certainly still have straps. You get that cable from Specialty Hardware in Seattle., It will run around $9-10 dollars a foot. It will ship UPS and looks like a Michelin tire when it arrives. Get the burundy clamp for a 600MCM or you'll have trouble getting the wire in the clamp. Lots of Noalox.

Make sure your connectors are tight in the transformer as well and pay attention to any cracking in the insulation there as well. I had a short at the trans once and was fortunate that the resultant aluminum clamp did not go down in the windings when it melted. That would have meant a new transformer.

Rollin built a big copper plate above his moly and distributed power from there and it seemed to work quite well.
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