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Local shops won't have the big wire in stock. So you'll likely pay more.

I can only recommend what I used when I sold cable. The hydraulic connectors were used by some people over the last fifteen years or so, or however those guys who professionally squish clamps onto wire. I never had access to people who did that, so I used the Archimedian screw type clamp you are talking about. Mt experience with those clamps was it was a one shot deal tightening it down. It was not going to come apart again in any meaningful condition. I have a box with a bunch of those larger connectors and haven't paid a lot of attention to them. Burundy is manufactured in Manchester NH but it will take a real electrical supply house to get them. It ain't a Home depot item. Again, you want a 600 MCM clamp.

Your link to Seattle hardware is the one. The cable is used on electromagnets in the harbor salvage. I stick with what I know. If you need element straps, I've got them. Just compare prices if you decide to shop around. Get ,lengths about three feet longer than you need so you can strip them back when they fail.
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