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with my own rod, I make rod as follows: I make five sticks and then take a gather and blow it out really thin so I can see through it. If it is cord free with no bubbles, I repeat that process. Usually at about 20 sticks, based on the size of the pot used, it begins to deteriorate and I ladle the rest into pancakes on a marver, flip them and when rigid, they are put in a can up on end and allowed to cool to around 1100F or so and then they get a very quick shot of misty water. After some time, I punch them in the centers and they explode very nicely. Then cool, then to the chipmunk.

I don't really do much quality QC on the frit. It's focus is on grade size and cleanliness. There's plenty of time involved in both processes. I had always been under the impression, perhaps incorrectly that people had gotten so tired of having bubbles in their rod that wrecked the piece that they mostly went over to frit. In opaque rod with fluorine, you have a n extremely brief moment to see bubbles before it goes blind on you. We used to take random rod and run them through the diamond saw vertically but it's a blind faith kind of material.
I make some frit work that gets sandblasted and I want no transparency in it at all. it looks more like stone. Otherwise, I gather and blow when I'm making anything, which now is rather rare.

Cleaning the crusher is the big PIA.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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