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Dominick Labino's Furnace

Hello all,
About 18 months ago I had been gifted one of Labino's furnaces from the sixties, retired well before '73 when Baker O'Brien met Labino. Baker had gifted me the furnace, and I had transported it from Ohio to southwest Georgia August 4th of 2018.

The current state it's in is pretty reasonable for being 50+ years old, but it does need some restorative work done. Most notably, the arch IFB crown has sunk considerably among other things. Anyone have advice on its integrity to withstand minor repairs? What about the potential of it withstanding one final lighting? There's still at least 30 pounds of glass left over from the last lighting decades ago. I have attached an image of the furnace as it is in Georgia.

Would love to have some feedback from the community.
All the best,
Ezra Yant.
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