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If I remember right, Dominic fired these thru the top with a 1 or 1 1/2"pipe and no burner tip, not even a Sticktite. The door bricks were JM IFB 3000ís. The liner is probably Crystalite Aís. If I were going to try firing it up to at least clean out the glass, I would make sure to label the old door bricks 1 & 2, carefully remove them & save, replace them with new IFBís. The arch is a different egg in that I think that Dominic had minimal mortar holding them in place, mainly using the tension of the upper connecting rods as the furnace heated up. Measure the size of the hole in the arch as it will tell you what kind of set-up you can get away with. I donít think you should modify or repair it too much as it represents a very important moment in US glass history. That double action door is classic, and I remember using a few furnaces that had them. I think that there will probably be some drilling of glass into the liner, these furnaces didnít last too long before requiring a rebuild. I know that Dudley had a picture or two of the construction in his book if you have it. Good luck, and post up what you decide to do. Just my 2cÖ..
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