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Originally Posted by Scott Novota View Post
Crashed to room temp over a about 4 days that furnace holds heat well.

Anyway, just set it to 20f and hour going up to 1700f and walked away. Came back once it leveled out at 1700f for a 1/2 day and ran it up full tilt boogie. The 1/2 day at 1700f was not planned just life keeping me from getting to it.

After this month we will be pulling this guy off line and doing a rebuild to switch into SP batch. It is just time not because we are switching glass more just happens to be the right time for a new pot. Should be interesting to get a look at the inside after a solid 1 and 1/2 on C-cullet as one of the first ones to drop the dime on melting it back when Pete first got it in town. I like the glass but based on the amount of damage to the Moly slots at the top I am more than interested to do a full assessment of the furnace after pulling the crown off.
Y'all lost power from Gordon?
Please keep us updated on the furnace.
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