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Peter, grind as in with a stone mortar and pestle? so the corundum stones come out of the dichromate once the chrome is fluxed in? I realize they are a crystalline form of aluminum oxide.

I thought lithium, but I wasn't sure if I could even use it with cullet, and I'd read also that it shifts the expansion quite a bit. I didn't really think about using Borax though it's a flux as well. When you say a bit, what scale of bit are you thinking?

I know coloring cullet is pretty basic and it will never be as nice as batch, but I had the electric color pot so I figured I'd start there. I've several books coming, Weyl, Scholes, and a copy of Courter's print of glass formulas. Volf is on my horizon and there's the Schmidt book I'd like to find that Cider Press put out a long time ago.. I'm starting from ground zero, or maybe a few inches above it with the craftweb archives and it's being an education. But it's a really neat feeling to open the door and pull hot color on a pipe or punty.

there's a gas color pot furnace in my future, I can see it also on the horizon...

Thanks for the advice and information. I appreciate it.
so much to learn.. so little time to learn it....
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