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Glass Crafts/Winship designs
3844 Janisse St. Eugene, OR 97402
which was just bought out by Mountain Glass (so you can't buy supplies anymore) has impressive video tutorials you can buy.

along with
3808 W Vernal Pike Bloomington, IN 47404

(866) 342-4764
(812) 339-9147

Most of it is related to pipes, I don't make pipes but the techniques are applicable to sculpture work, marbles and paper weights, some goblet demos.

Mountain Glass
191 Lyman Street
Unit 400
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 225-5599
Really is customer friendly, catering to the pipe makers but they have a great selection of products with reviews. Lampworking is in a constant state of flux hard to stay ahead of the changes. Some offer classes and or studio rental.

One of the sites that helps with new lampworkers is they cover a range of techniques, color applications, tools, and advise. Once again mostly pipe work but I have found some of the threads useful.

You can sign up to all these suppliers and get updates on the ongoing, monthly and flash sales.
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