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Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
I'm totally down with talking here, just haven't really seen much of it. A few threads on fuming, but not much else. Honestly I think why we don't do a lot of boro discussion here is because the shop tech nerdery isn't as prevalent among (some)torch workers, and those that may be of that technical bend aren't as aware of this site as the others. That or they stay away because they know that if they try any of their bro garbage here Pete'll have them thrown off the premises.
I just get concerned trying to be all things to all people. We've had over 100,000 posts here, a vibrant set of archives and a great working group of people solely in hot glass. I'm not opposed to Boro at all, I in fact think much of the interesting work being done currently is in boro but I'm not trying to make this an art site. Tech is consuming enough. If the support is really there, I could get rid of one of the other boards, perhaps Earthbound Suppliers. It doesn't get much use.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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