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Stadelmann moly furnace, cheap.

I used to lurk this board every day, I’ve been away from furnace glass for a year. I still do some lampworking and some coldworking. I’m in a financial crunch that’s time sensitive, and I’d like to liquidate some equipment. Setting up a backyard hotshop was a pipe dream, I knew that all along, I just got a good deal on a furnace because it needed to be moved, and it was a hassle. I also had a pipe dream to use the transformer and phase-angled SCR to run a top loader 80lb’er for Boro color, and it came with a couple grand worth of spare new Moly elements. Couldn’t pass it up, never formulated a plan. Time to pass on the dream, and pass on the deal.

Anyways it’s the smallest Stadelmann, I believe it’s an 80lb pot. The smaller moly’s, 6/12 or whatever (Pete?) I learned out of a bigger stadelmann, but I’ve never even seen this one hot. The pot’s usable, the elements survived the move somehow, but I had my place robbed by a swarm of organized thieves, and they took me for everything I had. Thieves broke the spare elements just pulling them out of the foam and I had a used, spare, one in a passage brick, and it’s broken too. If the elements don’t survive the next move, it becomes a project. All of this is factored into the giveaway price.

Keep in mind it comes with the custom 240v single phase transformer, and the fuses/board/SCR control. Well over $5k in electrical parts if you were to build. This stuffs not new, was made in 09 or 2010 I think, the original owner is on this board but I never reached out, sounds like he had a few catastrophes and lots of downtime, and as far as I know still dipping glass out of a Laucknauer toploader. There may be more to the story that I don’t know, let’s put it out there and see what comes of it. It was an awesome little studio on an amazing property, but I got there after the new owner scrapped most of it. I was working for a very successful Canadian glassblower, semi-retired, and I brought it to his attention first. He sent anorher old offhand guy there and they came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth moving, but the move involved demolition, chainsaws, clearing brush, rigging, and hiring a crane truck. I had the drive to move it, but not to use it. Up for grabs.

$2500US, or 3k Canadian, as is, but not where is. It’s in a sensitive place and needs to be moved again. That said, I drive a roll deck towtruck for an established (read expensive) company, I can move it. I also have crane truck access for $85/hr which is cheaper than the tow truck. It’s in dry storage, but can’t be hooked up or even really viewed, doing this with photos and faith, I’ve got nothing to hide, price reflects all of this. Call it $3300 delivered to the ferry terminal or a moving/storage company, or the crane truck guy - it’s a 20 foot import truck so it’s cheap on the ferries. Located central Vancouver Island, so either duke point or departure bay terminals are possible depending where it’s going if it hits the mainland. Any questions, about the gear or the logistics, Same email address for photos, looks like a glass furnace, in a full storage unit.

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