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Thanks Tom, that's very helpful. I think that your observation about "If they can make money at it" to be the key. In my mind, knowing the cost of shipping the Cristallica to N.Carolina and the subsequent costs distributing, $1.41 has me substantially less than impressed. I see money being churned here. I do think that a battle for dominance will happen in this first year. So far, this is the apparent nice goop on the block. It may be the case that Oceanside just sticks to the fusers. Who do I see screwed? Cristallica. If these guys are smart, they'll move on the european market as well.

As to the Boro, I don't find it relevant at this point. While Boro is being made, the daily demand for boro cullet is pretty small. Abe has Gaffer making some boro cullet for them. The other small makers aren't going to benefit from any of that.

That's as I see it today. Now we need the jury to report back on the caustic nature of Charlie's goop. I hope it works. This has certainly been a Keystone Cops kind of approach.
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