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Sometimes someone has to stand outside and look at the aassertions. One of the things about phosphates and fluorines, or most anything that promotes either phase changes or crystals is how easily they can change in the pot. I can't speak to your details but it's hard to beleive that it worked four times and suddenly didn't. Something changed. You need to figure out what that was.
Rtae of charge, temp of charge, new materials, scales, simple error, humidity. moon was in feces...

When you moved the phosphate to the outside, I assume that was gathered. How thick was that casing. I get criticized periodically for using too thick a layer in the ring test. It's John's frequent response as to why he prefers the hagy seal. I still conduct all tests, dilatometer, ring Hagy and pull. You might consider doing a small increase in the silica, put the phosphate back on the inside, see what occurs as long as you can't do a hagy seal. If you like make the hagy seal, anneal it and send it over to me.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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